Student Success Stories

“Isabelle has provided instruction for many Avery Coonley students, with amazing results. She tutored one of our new students in 8th grade last year, who had no previous background in French. By the end of the year, she was among the strongest students in the class. Isabelle’s lessons are taught with enthusiasm and great care. She has a wonderful rapport with her students. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn French.”

- Elizabeth Roberts

French Teacher, The Avery Coonley School

“We enrolled our 10-year-old daughter this year in a private school that teaches French as part of the curriculum beginning in Kindergarten. Our daughter was apprehensive of learning a new language and concerned that she was starting several years behind her peers. She worked diligently with Stéphanie over the summer and found an easy transition into French class with all the other fourth graders once school began. We continue to work with Stéphanie as our daughter builds her love of a new language.

Stéphanie is a joy to work with. Her fun and inviting style makes our daughter look forward to her tutoring sessions, even on hot summer days and Saturdays during the school year.”

- Elliot Papadakis

“After struggling in French class through my junior year of high school, I began to meet with Isabelle, who was highly recommended by a close friend. Within one lesson, Isabelle had helped me sort through and understand weeks of material that I’d been having trouble with in class. Over the course of meeting with Isabelle twice a week for two years my French speaking, writing and overall knowledge of the French culture have vastly improved, not to mention my test-taking and studying strategies. I even began to feel ahead of my peers in French class. As I prepare to study French in college today, I am happy I can continue to count on her support.”

- Emily Pavel

Wheaton, Illinois

“Isabelle was my French tutor during my junior and senior years at Wheaton Warrenville South, and I also went on the WLC immersion trip to France in June 2014. Not only did Isabelle help me improve my French, but she also taught me to enjoy the language as well as many aspects of French culture. Most importantly, I created a lifelong friend.”

- Isabelle Scarborough

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“I’ve wanted to learn French for several years and the WLC was the perfect fit for me. I’ve improved my level of French with the high level of instruction provided by Isabelle. I would recommend Isabelle’s program to anyone interested in learning the beautiful and rich language of French.”

- Alan Cerenil

Oswego, Illinois

“Our 8 –year-old daughter has been working with Nadeen as a Math tutor for several months. We came to Nadeen because our daughter was not being challenged with math in the public school. Nadeen quickly came up with a plan to help meet our daughter’s needs and make math/problem-solving fun once again. Nadeen’s experience in teaching math and science concepts, mixed with her ability to use manipulatives and real world examples has helped our daughter progress in math concepts in a fun way that she looks forward to doing each week.”

- Elliot Papadakis

“My family and I are very grateful to Mme Isabelle. She is bright, talented, engaging, and the students love their sessions with her. Mme Isabelle went above and beyond the call of duty. Throughout the school year she kept in contact with my daughter’s teachers to coordinate both of their efforts of working on French fluency. Mme Isabelle is dedicated, committed, and there is no better choice you could make for your child’s tutor.”

- Universal Grateful Mom

“I have taken French for eleven years, but I never thought I could become fluent until I started taking classes with Isabelle.”

- Samantha Hird

Wheaton, IL

“Isabelle is a wonderful teacher!! She made it incredibly easy to get back into language learning after a four year gap, tailoring the lessons to what I was interested in and making sure I had a handle on basics. Pronunciation was a huge factor, as was learning the culture behind the language, making it a well-rounded experience. As Isabelle is a native speaker, the lessons felt authentic and engaging. I’m so glad I was able to return to French with Isabelle as a guide, not only at the WLC, but also in the South of France in June 2014!”

- Madeline Wensel

Geneva, Illinois

“In eighth grade, I switched to a new middle school with a French immersion program. The French class had been taught since kindergarten and was taught completely in French. I had never taken French before. With summer tutoring along with regular tutoring throughout the school year from Mme Isabelle, I managed to keep up with the class and enjoy the class trip to Quebec, which was also conducted completely in French. I had a good year and managed to graduate with an A+. I would have been completely lost in class without Mme Isabelle. She helped me to not only pass the class, but to understand and appreciate the language as well. I hope to become fluent one day, and I think with Mme Isabelle it will be possible.”

- Universal Grateful Student